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Arkemann Group SA
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General contracting company

As a general contracting company Arkemann Group SA takes on all the stages of achievement of a project: conception, founding, planification, preparation, execution, and finally, final reception. The client benefits from a unique interlocutor listening to his needs and guaranteeing him the supply of a turnkey object in the imparted costs, budget and quality. Whether it be a new construction, a transformation, a renovation or a raising, Arkemann Group SA guarantees the client a seamless result in the achievement of their project. Moreover Arkemann Group SA can rely on their network of external quality partners to realize part or the entire works.



Arkemann Group SA has the benefit of having a team of qualified architects that possess a significant experience in the conception of housing buildings, villas, administration or commercial buildings and public building.

The services include the establishing of execution plans, the realisation of preliminary draft folders, the elaboration of folders in order to obtain construction authorisations, the creation of 3D images. Each project is lead with the objective of reconciling functionality, habitability and design while respecting the financial framework and limiting the environmental impact.


Work Management

With their “work management” department, Arkemann Group SA represents the client, whether it be constructing new buildings, renovation, transformation or reparation.
As a trustworthy service provider, Arkemann Group SA  supervises the different trades, plans and coordinates all the stages needed in the execution of the works.
The company assures the correct implementation of the plans, the progress of the works, the financial management and carries out the quality control before the reception of the final work.


Real Estate

As a real estate counselor, Arkemann Group SA accompanies you through the completion of your project. Thanks to our large network of partners in Switzerland and abroad and to our well known experience, Arkemann Group SA is the ideal partner for: looking for a property or a land, getting real estate advice, brokering, looking for funding, highlighting properties, looking for and selling property of exception. Since the properties of exception we propose are not published, please contact us for more information.